Wilhelm Kempff : Ludwig Beethoven / Klaviersonanten Nr. 4 (Unknown) - LP  *MINT*
Wilhelm Kempff : Ludwig Beethoven / Klaviersonanten Nr. 4 (Unknown) - LP  *MINT*
Wilhelm Kempff : Ludwig Beethoven / Klaviersonanten Nr. 4 (Unknown) - LP  *MINT*

Wilhelm Kempff : Ludwig Beethoven / Klaviersonanten Nr. 4 (Unknown) - LP *MINT*

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Artist: Wilhelm Kempff 

Title: Ludwig Beethoven / Klaviersonanten Nr. 4 

Media/Sleeve Rating: M/NM


- We grade very conservatively.

- Unknown Press Date

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VG+ (VERY GOOD PLUS) = Incrementally more surface scuffs/hairline scratches/noise than NM-, but a very listenable and collectible album. Sleeve may show slightly more signs of age than NM- (foxing, light ringwear, spine ageing), but no tears or other physical damage.

VG (VERY GOOD) = Incrementally more surface scuffs/hairline scratches than VG+, with more noticeable surface noise than VG+. Still a very enjoyable listening experience and a great addition to your collection. Sleeve may have slight corner crushing, noticeable ringwear, spine ageing and very minor sleeve splits, most likely due to the age of the album.

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